Keeping Tryst

I keep tryst with the Lord every morning. Well, it is my desire to keep tryst with Him every morning. As a busy home school mother of four, I am not always consistent. But these times with the Lord are truly my favorite. I sit next to the west window in the living room. All else are usually still in bed, so it is truly a closet meeting with my Lord.

Before I read the Scriptures, I settle my heart and ground myself to what is going on in my life by writing down various notes and descriptions in the margin of my journal page. Then I read the Scriptures and take notes on the main section of that same journal page. Then, if the house is still quiet, I pray. If all have awakened, and I am needed, I hop into my day and try to remember key lessons from my reading/quiet time. Many of the entries of this blog will be from these priceless trysts.

Keeping Tryst


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