Little Children Say

Dear Reader,

This poem is the result of a Creative Writing class assignment at Chambers College (Greeley, Co) in which we were to write a poem using nonsense words/spelling in the style of perhaps Dr. Suess or A.A. Milne. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Math Homework

Paper crinkled, wrinkled,
brinkled and torn.
Forehead plowed with furrows worn.
Battle groans bung up the air.
Fractions! Decimals! Percents!
All of them – au contraire!
I’ll bamboozle, crushoolge, and defoogle them sore!
I’ll teach those fractions a thing or two!
Like two tenths can equal one fourth
If I want it to!
And you percents can just be still!
When I choose to not figure the total bill:
Meal + tip + tax.
I think that’s what parents are for!
The answer is –
To just relax.
Decimals, you leave me alone!
How dare you scare me with your tiny self!
You are just a dot, an unfinished thought, a pip!
Now you just stop giving me the lip!
Where is my eraser?
And when is this due?
I’ll have to fortify
If I want it make it through!
Regroup, dig in!
Raise the battle cry o’er!
Where is my big brother?
I think I have need of him

Mary Katherine Brown

Math Homework


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