By Still Waters I


A Discussion Some of Us Need to Have With Ourselves

When you realize
You’re not who you thought you were
And that you are not who you wanted to be
What do you do?
Why have you thought of yourself
As someone you are not?
And who are you really?
What kind of expectations have you put on yourself?
And who is that perfect person
You are trying to emulate?
How easy it has been to look down on others,
(From your propped up pedestal)
Because you “have it all together”,
And they “don’t”.
Why is the honesty of others regarding their struggles so
Refreshing and attractive to you?
Can YOU be honest?
Or have you painted a picture of yourself as
Having it all together?
And you believe it.
Is that why you beat yourself up when you make a mistake?
Is it because you can’t believe that someone like you,
Who should be perfect (and MAYBE is?? Now don’t laugh.),
Makes mistakes?
Get real.
Oh, yeah, and what if the people who see you
As being strong and having it all together,
Because that is what you present to them,
Knew the REAL you?
That you sometimes struggle
That you sometimes get discouraged
That you sometimes have fears
And etc.
Oh, you, you, you.
What are you going to do with you?
You will confess.
You will pray for God to show you you.
You will ask God to cause you to walk in humility,
In openness,
In honesty.
You will go to the Scriptures to see how God sees you –
Redeemed, beloved, forgiven.
You will be thankful that there is Someone
Who REALLY knows you (Psalm 139).
You will prayerfully desire that God will
To the image of
His Son.
You will rejoice that
God loves you
In all your you-ness.
You will, as the conforming new you,
Share that love
To others
Just like



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