By Still Waters II

Waiting for the Light

The darkness had reigned for the hours appointed him, shrouding field and trees. It was now time for the black veil to slowly lift as the last nocturnal sentinel sparkles its jubilant fare-thee-well in the dark gray sky, bequeathing its job of arousing joy to the awakening birds. Musty grays and muted browns persist though, masking familiar surroundings. Even so, the bestirred winged heralds of the morning soon are joined by an unseen, cheerful chorus of  peeling trills that speak of promise. And now, at the previously obscure horizon, pale and persistent changes are evident. With the arrival of this pale supremacy, the darkness is reminded, once again, that it is never the victor. The darkness must leave, and it does – though always with a clinging resistance. Nevertheless, its welcome departure is made certain as the heavenly canvas is swathed with the announcing hues of new reds, pale oranges, and bright pinks. Weighted with its responsibility of the day, the bright orb slowly and silently appears at the edge of the horizon, pushing shimmering flames of fire into the lower atmospheric gases. Having made its greatly desired appearance, the sun hastens to fully reveal itself, flinging out light-life to the world and claiming its ordained station in the heavens.sunrise 1

Waiting For the Light


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