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The Five Senses of the Fruit of the Spirit

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Galations 5:22

A unique writing assignment given to my 10-year old son was to write descriptive poems on the fruits of the spirit using the 5 senses – sight, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touch. I was so pleased with his writing, and hope that you enjoy his poems, as well.


Five Senses of Love

Love looks like people who gave their lives up for other people in 9/11.

Love sounds like a person praying for somebody else.

Love tastes like biscuits my mom makes for me.

Love smells like my mom’s perfume.

Love feels like a hug.

The Five Senses of Faithfulness

Faithfulness looks like somebody faithfully going to church.

Faithfulness sounds like my mother calling me for dinner every night.

Faithfulness smells like dinner cooking every night.

Faithfulness tastes like lasagna that my mom promised to make for me.

Faithfulness feels like a back rub from my mother.

The Five Senses of Goodness

Goodness looks like somebody helping an elderly person with their lawn.

Goodness sounds like brothers and sisters being kind to one another.

Goodness feels like a hand shake from my brother to agree on something.

Goodness tastes like cookies and milk.

Goodness smells like a pine tree candle.

The Five Senses of Self-Control

Self-control looks like a baseball player striking out in a frustrating game and calmly walking away.

Self-control smells like a yummy meal that you are waiting to eat until the right time.

Self-control sounds like an “Okay” from a child after his parents say “No”.

Self-control tastes like eating one chocolate chip cookie at a time.

Self-control feels like sitting on a chair very calmly waiting for something.

The Five Senses of Gentleness

Gentleness looks like a butterfly’s wings.

Gentleness feels like a back rub.

Gentleness tastes like a warm lasagna.

Gentleness sounds like a creek in the forest.

Gentleness smells like a blossom.

The Five Senses of Kindness

Kindness looks like a beautiful rose.

Kindness smells like the air after it rains.

Kindness tastes like delicious apple juice.

Kindness feels like a warm bath.

Kindness sounds like the whir of the hummingbird.

Photo Credit: Rachel Blake

The Fives Senses of the Fruit of The Spirit


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