Ho-day, The High Plains Home School Dog, Shares His Thoughts

Every morning it’s the same thing. “Time to get up!” and “Get up and do your morning things!” No, these commands are not for me, but for three two-legged creatures who are snuggly in their beds. No one tells me to get up. I just wait till all my people are up and moving, and then I lazily get up and watch the morning action, hoping that no one will notice me for a while, because I would rather stay inside with my people than be put outside to take care of business. As beds are reluctantly left empty, and pajama clad kids walk around in general morning stupor, I hear the “Do your morning things!” directive given again by their mom. There is just no mercy for these home schooled kids! Doesn’t she understand, that even for humans, it is best to leave sleeping dogs lie? Nope. No empathy from the woman who barks out these commands time out of mind. Well, not that I am much for routine myself, but things do seem to go better for this flock when they “do their morning things”. She keeps using the words “a disciplined life” as a reason for routine. I have heard her repeat what their morning things are so many times, that I could say them in my sleep: “Get up, get dressed, make your bed, tidy up your room – and, by the way, (she tells them) tidying up your room won’t take you long if you have been faithful to put your things away on a daily basis -, eat breakfast, take care of your animals (the cows, chickens, bird, and ME), have your personal devotions, work on memorizing your catechism question and verses, AND THEN you may start your school day.” Whew!! I thought MY responsibility of watching out for rattlesnakes was rough!! Well, as these kids hop to it, the noise level in the house sure goes up. The order-giving mom is everywhere, all at the same time, making sure that there is compliance. Finally, after some false starts, everyone has a book or a computer on their lap, and the house becomes very quiet as analysis, critical thinking, studying, learning, and calculating begins. Sometimes I’ll hear question like, “What did Mrs. Smart give you to write?” This question always puzzles me, and I wonder if her name is “Mrs. Smart” because she is or because writing for her will make you smart? Then I’ll hear this: “I have a drawing to do for Mrs. Moralez.” And I wonder if this Mrs. Moralez hires people to do her drawings for her. Then, “How much reading do you need to do for Mrs. Kautz?” And I’m thinking that maybe this Mrs. Kautz is like ME and doesn’t know how to read, so she has someone read for her? I don’t know. Anyway, when the sergeant mom completes her morning things, including a well-guarded personal devotional time, then the whole gang sits together for family devotional time. If I make successful puppy eyes or nudge them enough with my wet nose, I might get a petting or two while they have their Bibles open. Soon, with my keen ears, I can hear stomachs growling, and I know that for the next half hour or so, tantalizing smells will waft through the house as leftovers are warmed up and everyone sits down for lunch. Well, not everyone. If the sergeant mom has not already put together dinner for the evening, she will quick do this while the others eat lunch, and then she’ll “flip some laundry”, as she calls it, and then perhaps also tackle some bills. (I think somewhere in all this, some food makes it into her mouth.) Well, then it is back to the books for a few hours, then dinner, then some letting-off-steam time for the poor scholars (Which sometimes includes using pent-up energy to wash dishes, and then I get to be the sergeant as I try to keep the towel-slapping down to a minimum.), then evening devotions with the whole family – led by the Top Dog (as I call him). Finally, some of them get to put those comfy PJs back on and crawl back into bed (with permission to read awhile), but for others, it is back to the school books!!!! Boy, compared to my life, which are days full of naps (unless I am needed to keep order in the house, or bark at rattlesnakes and other unwanted trespassers), this high plains home school family is B U S Y!!

Ho Day, The High Plains Home School Dog Shares His Thoughts


8 thoughts on “Ho Day, The High Plains Home School Dog Shares His Thoughts

  1. Janice Marian Romsa says:


    Love this one–I know the dog has all these thoughts!! What a sweetie!!

    Love you. Jan



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