By Still Waters II

The Wrong Side of the Door

The wind howls and blows cold.
There is no support.
You stagger and fight to stand
Against the door you just shut behind you.
It is dark, and you cannot see.
No one calmly says to you,
“This is the way, walk ye in it.”
Rather, there are screamings and haunting shrieks,
Reverberating in your mind,
Demanding unholy alliances.
Oh, soul, go back!
Flee their counsel,
Their way,
Their seat,
Their sweet-covered rot.
Delight in the Delightful.
Meditate on the Merciful.
Stay by the Water of the Word.
Listen to the Lord of Lordgrove-of-treess.
And you will clearly see.
You will securely stand.





Photo credit: Rachel Blake

The Wrong Side of The Door